Wild Leaf, Kohlrabi and Stilton Salad

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    kohlrabi, leaf, stilton

    I bloody love kohlrabi. It has a sort of almost nutty but subtle flavour, it’s crunchy and it watery so it just feels and is healthy.  It would also work well with de-seeded green crisp cucumbers of the kind I have only ever found in the Turkish shops in North London – or better still grown on my old allotment in N15.  You could also use any nut oil, such as hazelnut or walnut instead of olive oil.


    1 kohlrabi

    ½ pack of roquefort

    Few sprigs of fresh flat leaf parsley

    Stick of celery (optional)

    Olive Oil (

    Lemon juice


    Cooking Method:

    Peel and slice the kohlrabi, then turn the slices flat and slice them so that you have thick matchsticks.

    Spread the matchsticks evenly on a flat salad dish and crumble over the Roquefort. Sprinkle over some olive oil and a much smaller amount of lemon juice

    Serves 2 or more if you are doing a whole load of different plates