Surprisingly Lovely Cabbage Soup

    Recipe Details:

    Proparation Time:

    10 mins

    Cooking Time:

    20 mins





    Ingredient Tags:

    cabbage, onion, vegan

    This sounds so bland but is so very delicious. Just try it.

    Instead of the rice, you can also use fine bulgur wheat which makes it just a little softer and sweeter.

    It is also lovely with a good home made or organic chicken stock but then it won’t be vegan.


    1 cabbage, finely sliced

    1 large onion

    1 cup of rice

    2 litres vegetable stock

    Vegetable or other mild oil or butter

    Salt & Pepper

    Finely chopped parsley (optional)


    Cooking Method:

    In a large pan, gently fry the cabbage and onion until they are soft and a lovely brighter green.  Add the stock and rice or bulgur wheat and cook for about 20 minutes.

    Season & serve.