Pork Meatballs

    Recipe Details:

    Proparation Time:

    10 mins

    Cooking Time:

    10 mins





    Ingredient Tags:

    meatballs, pork

    Made these the other day with some leftover pork after my mate, Dasale, made his insane lasagne. Meatballs are always satisfying, incredibly easy to make and good to eat hot or cold. Great for picnics too.


    250g free range organic pork mince

    1 large clove of garlic

    chopped parsley

    a pinch of pul biber (Turkish chilli flakes)

    1 tsp freshly grated lemon zest

    A squeeze of fresh lemon juice (about 1tsp)

    1/2 large egg or one small one

    75g breadcrumbs (I used leftover rye sourdough as it was all I had and just used my fingers to break it into crumbs)

    1 bay leaf and a twig of rosemary to fry with the meatballs (not essential)

    oil for frying

    salt & pepper



    Cooking Method:

    Mix all the ingredients other than the oil, bay leaf and rosemary twig) and let it sit for a few minutes if you have time. Make the balls by grabbing about a tablespoon of the mixture and roll it into a little ball. If it is too sticky to handle, using cold wet hands helps.

    Let these too if you have time for about 20 minutes or longer (they can be made the day ahead and left in the fridge overnight).

    Heat the oil in a panto a medium heat and gently fry the meatballs with the bay leaf and rosemary.

    Serve as a snack or with something like pasta.