Nettle Omelette with Tomato Sauce

    Recipe Details:

    Proparation Time:

    10 mins

    Cooking Time:

    15 mins





    Ingredient Tags:

    eggs, nettles, omelette, wild food

    Another Spring favourite, nettles are fantastically good for you. Pick them with gloves on. You have been told.


    One big bunch of nettles stalks removed, washed and roughly dried

    3 small spring onions or garlic chives

    1 clove of garlic

    3 eggs

    3 tblps  organic cream (optional)

    Olive Oil

    Salt & pepper

    Parmesan if you want to sprinkle some over it at the end

    Cooking Method:

    Quickly stir fry the nettles with the chopped spring onions or chives and the garlic in a non-stick pan. This should only take a few minutes and while that is happening you can quickly stir the eggs (and cream if using) in a bowl with a fork. Not too much as it’s nicer if not too blended.

    You may need to add a little more oil to the pan at this point. Pour in the eggs and with a wooden spatula (so as not to damage your non stick pan), fold the nettles into the egg and then gently pat it down.  Leave to fry gently until you think the bottom is probably browning (about five to ten minutes) and then turn it over. The easiest way to do this is with a flat lid. Hold it over the pan, tip it up and slide the omelette back into the pan.

    I normally sprinkle a bit of parmesan over the top and serve it with leftover tomato sauce (elsewhere on this site)