Wild Garlic Pesto

    Recipe Details:

    Proparation Time:

    15 mins





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    pasta sauce, wild garlic, wildfood

    One of the best things about Spring is wild garlic.  Wild food at its best.  You can pick the leaves and the buds pretty much all over the UK,  in woodland, normally from about late February to late March. Try and pick it though where there is an abundance so as not to stunt future growth.

    You can pickle the buds too and the leaves (and flowers) are nice in salads although be warned they are pretty strong, especially earlier in the season.

    It is also delicious in risottos, either in paste form or just the leaves.


    However much wild garlic you have, washed and dried.

    A handful of pine nuts, walnuts, cashew or pistachio nuts

    Enough olive oil to make the whole lot into a paste


    Optional: good quality salt, lemon juice  & parmesan

    Cooking Method:

    Put the leaves and nuts in the blender and gradually add olive oil until you have a smooth paste. Stir in salt, a splash of lemon juice, and parmesan each to the taste you want and only if you want.

    Put into sterilised jars with the paste covered with a layer of olive oil.

    That’s it.