Pinhead Oats with Seaweed and Dried Mushrooms (and if you want and are not vegan, Halibut)

    Recipe Details:

    Proparation Time:

    10 mins

    Cooking Time:

    30 mins





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    halibut, mushrooms, pinhead oats, seaweed, vegan

    To the more serious vegans, I can only apologise in advance and certainly no offense is intended.  I like finding new vegan recipes so I can be prepared for the increasing number of vegans in my circles but I also still like and want to promote sustainable fishing and living. And halibut is like a handsome prince of the sea.

    This recipe is vegan if you omit the fish and it is delicious like that too.


    2 tblsp dried mushrooms (I had chanterelles in the cupboard)

    2 tblsp seaweed flakes (I used the ones I buy to sprinkle on salads)

    1 clove garlic

    1-2  sachets miso soup

    1-2 cups of pinhead oats

    salt & pepper

    oil (I used mild olive) or butter

    2 line caught fillets of halibut

    Cooking Method:

    Put the seaweed and mushrooms in a glass of hot water and let it sit. In another glass, dissolve the miso soup also in hot water.

    Take the fish fillets out of the fridge, season and let them sit (in or out of the fridge).

    In a non-stick shallow pan, heat the oil and add the garlic and oats and stir gently for a few minutes. Add the two glasses of miso, seaweed and mushroom and then continue as you would for a risotto. That means gently stirring a cooking, add hot water as and when the fry starts to go a bit dry. This can take up to about 20 minutes but imagine all those lovely flavours going into the oats.

    Once the oats are cooked but still with a bit of bite (again, like a risotto), plate it up and cover each plate with another while you fry the fish. Or just eat it if you are not having the fish.

    Give the pan a quick wipe or use another, heat some oil and place the fillets skin up onto the hot oil.  Once it is brown but not cooked through (about 3 or 4 minutes), turn it over and fry the skin side down just a minute or two so that when you turn it back over you can remove the skin. Remove the skin and place the fillets skin side down on top of the oats.

    Season and serve.