Pear, nduja and walnut salad

    Recipe Details:

    Proparation Time:

    5 mins





    Ingredient Tags:

    nduja, pear, walnut

    I made this in about 3 minutes yesterday. I had neighbours coming over for roast chicken and suddenly thought that I ought to make some kind of starter.  And had a pear tree outside looking like it might collapse under the weight of hundreds of beautiful green marbled pears.  A small bit of nduja in the fridge and I had a feeling it would all go well with some walnuts I had in the store cupboard.

    It was one of the nicest salads I have eaten in a long time.


    2 pears, ideally still crunchy and crisp

    3-4 slices of nduja, chopped

    handful walnuts, chopped

    2 tblsp chopped flat leaf parsley

    juice of 1 lemon

    good quality extra virgin olive oil

    malvern salt & black pepper

    Cooking Method:

    Core and slice the pears as thinly as you can and put them i a bowl with the lemon juice. Add the pieces of chopped walnuts and parsley. sprinkle over some good quality olive oil (about 3 to 4 tblsps), season and serve.